Mount Washington Observatory

Science in the Mountains

OBS- Museum renovation Phase I – Science in the Mountains series

The mission of Mount Washington Observatory is to advance understanding of the natural systems that create Earth’s weather and climate. It serves this mission by maintaining a weather station on the summit of Mount Washington, performing weather and climate research, conducting innovative science education programs, and interpreting the heritage of the Mount Washington region.

Science in the Mountain series: The series was initiated to address the issue of climate change. The 6-part lecture series was created to examine the fundamentals of the climate change discussion by boiling the issue down to its facts, its implications and what our state and region can to address the issue.

Weather Discovery Center (WDC): The Center is a hands-on, interactive science and weather museum in the heart of North Conway Village. Welcoming roughly 18,000 people each year, the WDC is a cultural and educational asset for the town, the state of New Hampshire and the region as a whole.

The WDC was established through a grant from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in 1999. This stately brick building houses a science museum that brings to life the wonder of the atmosphere ‘right to your fingertips!’

The Weather Discovery Center went through a two phases of museum updates that included an exhibit of a three-dimensional relief map of the Mount Washington area with geological and glaciological background information. Another exhibit highlighted the instruments and techniques used to observe and document National Weather Service standard weather observations.